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Mission Room Online

Welcome to our demo of web delivered immersive content for engaging interactive training and induction.

Some of the demos may not work with specific hardware/browser configurations, so please let us know if you have any problems to help with our development process.


We use a unique combination of 360 panoramic images augmented with detailed 3D models to create engaging and cost effective learning, training and assement solutions. This demo shows a simplified scenario where you take on the role of a train dispatcher.

NOTE: This demo is not designed for phone or tablet use, we can produce dedicated IOS or Android apps to cater for these devices if required.


Simple 360 panoramic images linked together to create a virtual tour. There isn't a cheaper or more accessible way of remotely viewing your site. We can use this same base media to create our more fully featured solutions.


360 images provide a great way of understanding the layout of a site but often need augmenting with other information to tell the whole story. This demo shows simple interactive hotspots added to the virtual tour to enhance the experience.


We have many years of experience of capturing and producing 360 video content. This can be delivered using our immersive display systems, VR headsets or online as shown here.

Please note that the demos above are development examples to show specific features. They are not finished products but are designed to generate feedback about how future products might be configured.

The technology can be hosted and delivered in many ways and interfaces with a variety of LMS systems. Our technical team can help make all of this happen.

Please contact us to discuss what we might be able to deliver for your organisation or just to tell us what you think.